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(1) The supply of new tray
 Annual capacity of over 200 million units, our company can supply more than 2000 different specifications of the new tray. All the new trays can be customized according to customer requirements, our company can provide design and provide samples for evaluation. Company also based on customer requirements, providing product design services and provide samples for customer evaluation, to help customers solve specific technical problems. In addition, in the production process to provide customers with a variety of options for finished products to meet customer demand for different pallet sizes. Include:

 * to the hard angle
 * gap slotted
 * anti-corrosion treatment
 * Painting
 * sticking labels
 * Printing
 * fumigation or heat treatment
 (2) Tray Maintenance
    Compared with the new tray, the tray can be clearly maintenance can save more cost. Our customers can use the actual situation of the tray, sending professionals on-site maintenance, logistics and warehousing for customers to save costs. Sent from each of our personnel are well trained, so as to ensure maintenance of professional standards and comply with the rules need to repair units.
 (3) fumigation and heat treatment
 Export products for fumigation and heat treatment, and issue relevant certificates, in line with ISPM15 requirements to meet export needs.

 (4) packaging design solutions

 Provide you with fast and efficient packaging design

 Provide fast and efficient products and degsin solutions for all timer packing requirements.

 * Reasonable design can reduce the cost from the root of the company's design staff with understanding of the profession and dedication to your products to provide the best overall packaging solution. Our packaging design solution combines the cost analysis and optimization of packaging solutions, and technology through a unique assisted evaluation, new product packaging for customers and existing packaging to provide optimization services, thus reducing the cost of development on the packaging, and reduce Logistics costs.

 * Division I in the field of transport packaging, in particular, export packaging, large and heavy packaging, the packaging of long-term accumulation of knowledge and experience to provide users with "tailored" programs to meet different needs.